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Visitors are always welcome at St. Paul's!

Parking There is ample parking on all sides of the church.

Arrival There are four entrances to   St. Paul's.

Front  Entrance with double doors faces the North and W. Church Road.

One door on each side of the church with a flight of stairs upon entering lead into the nave or worship space.

The Handicap Accessible entrance is in the rear of the church. 

Restrooms The rest rooms are in the front part of the renovated basement of the church. The men's restroom is on the West side (right side as you face the altar), Women's on the East (left side as you face the altar). There is also a unisex, handicap accessible restroom on your left as you enter from the rear of the church.

Children in worship

"Let the children come to Me and don't hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to them" Matt. 19:14

The Jesus doesn't tell children to become like adults to be saved.  Rather, He tells adults to become like children. Children are our examples of faith, so please bring them to worship with you. Do not be embarrassed if they make noise, you are all most welcome here. We do not have a nursery but you may bring your little one downstairs where our Sunday School room is, if you need. You can still listen to the service and they can play or get their wiggles out.

What to expect   If this is your first time attending a liturgical Lutheran worship service, it can be intimidating. Questions like when to stand or sit, speak or sing can make the worship experience more anxious than edifying. It is easy to get confused or lost. Please, do not feel this way. Many of us have been there.


We follow a liturgy, many parts of which date back to biblical times. Our order of worship is printed in the hymnal. You should receive a bulletin from an usher when you enter. It has the hymns and page numbers printed in it to help you follow along. Our services are a joyful time, where we receive forgiveness of sins, hear God's word, and joyfully sing His praise!

We celebrate Communion most Sundays. Our congregation practices Closed Communion, which means only those who are members of the congregation or one from the Synod, or from one with which we hold Altar fellowship, may receive the elements. If you are a visitor, please speak with pastor before service to introduce yourself and discuss coming to the altar for Communion. All are welcome to come to the altar to receive a blessing.

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